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The Indian Reverted Muslimah...


It was the happiest day of my life when Ammi Abba brought Aamir home. That’s all I ever wanted – a little brother. I was 6 and for all I knew he was the apple of my eye. For hours together I would sit beside him and cuddle him or simply stare at him whilst he was in his peaceful deep slumber. Alhamdulillah! Since then, all my duaas were always directed towards him.

I enjoyed doing things for him. To bathe him, powder him, clothe him, feed him and till date he is my baby brother. He is going to come to meet me today from Leeds and I can’t stop smiling.

Aamir had a hard time as a kid. When he was 4, he had trouble learning and memorizing like other kids. Often he would come back from school either scolded by teacher for being inattentive, or by being…

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