Making Time For Worship

downloadWith the digital age in full bloom, we are ever so busy  withour smart phones, ipads, tablets, and laptops. When the house is nice and tidy, kids in bed and you finally have time to rest, what do you do?  It’s time to check your Facebook, Google plus, Whatsapp, Twitter and whatever else social media there is! After checking all of that, then what? It’s time to get updated on what’s going on with the world so you head on over to Yahoo! or CNN or the New York times. I’ll be honest, I love browsing and reading interesting, funny or weird stories on the internet but the truth is, while I’m doing that, I’m wasting my precious time. My free time that I should be rushing to worship the one who’s allowed us to have everything we have, who’s so very patient and kind!  I don’t know about you, but time management is one thing I seriously struggle with!

Being mothers means we are with energetic little kids all the time, so we can become exausted! Once the kids are out of your hair all you probably want to do is relax and not do a thing, right? Many mothers I talk to all complain about not being able to manage their time well. But with more efforts and dedication, we sure can manage our time well and divide our 24 hours among sleeping, taking care of the family, entertainment and last but most certainly not least, in fact the most important, worshiping Allah by reading/learning Quran, praying or doing other good deeds which are most pleasing to Ar-Rahman.  May Allah make it easy for us. Here’s a wonderful article I found to be really beneficial because it has great tips and advice that we all, parents or not, can use as Muslims and implement.

Click here

May you benefit, Allahuma amin!


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